The film starts out with the awakening of New York City. New York City PAPD officers John McLoughlin, Will Jimeno, Dominick Pezzulo, and Antonio Rodrigues are called downtown due to a plane crashing into the north tower of the World Trade Center. When they arrive downtown, they see a person falling to its likely death. When Dom, John, Will, and Antonio, enter the building, they realize they don't have enough equipment to go into tower one, so they get more equipment. 4 boys-three brothers, and a second-cousin- ask for guide to outside the towers. But just as they arrive, John asks the captain if something is wrong with tower 2. It starts to shake, then Donovan-the second-cousin-sees the second tower start to fall down. He screams for his mommy but John orders Antonio, Dom, Chris, Will, Brandon, Tristan, Donovan, and Justin to run for the Elevator shaft. Antonio trips and is not able to make it in time. Tristan, Justin, Will, and Dom take off as soon as the orders finish. Donovan and Brandon barely make it. When they enter the shaft, Will, Dom, and Justin look for a safe place inside the room. Tristan trips but ends up in a safe spot. When John, Brandon, and Donovan enter, Donovan trips and Brandon falls to the ground not noticing Donovan. Donovan stays where he is crying for mommy. He is crushed and killed. When it recedes, John can't hear all the people trapped. soon, Tristan climbs out from a piece of metal that trapped him. Having heard him, John yells all the other names. Brandon picks up, then Justin, then Dom, then Will. Tristan, Justin, and all the other people help get will out. They don't get him out. Dom tries to go get help, but is fatally wounded from the collapsing of tower one. Brandon yells for Donovan after Dom dies. Brandon figures out that Donovan has to be dead. He dosen't remember anything after entering the room. He searches for twenty minutes. He looked all around for him. Even going and getting John out. He asks all the other people down there. Will says he got a glimpse of Donovan on the floor then he says he saw debris falling on Donovan. Justin said that Donovan was dead. This would not be proven until the debris was being taken from Ground Zero. His body is to be found in pieces. They are rescued 25 hours later. Tristan stays in the hospital for three years after being crushed almost fatally by the collapse of building seven. Justin has his head split open. He is shown dying in the hospital with Brandon, Their mother, and a bunch of other relatives by his side. Brandon is in the hospital for two months. He has a broken leg, and arm. The next scene shows 2 years later with Brandon, Tristan, John and Will reuniting with their families.

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