At the start of the film, Taylor Manns wakes up her two kids to go to Wal-Mart. She kept them away from school due to oncoming stormes. Pamela (Pamela Callahan) calls her friends after they get home. Taylor completely forgets about the storm and says its okay to play outside. Williamsport, Pa gets hit by a major EF-3 twister. The storm is going to take a direct hit for Tioga. Taylor's youngest goes with his grandpa to the fireman's carnival. Brandon (Brandon Nichols) and Pamela's cousin, Gordon (Cody Simpson) comes to play with them, but only gets to play with them for a half hour, due to the storms coming, which he never mentions. After Tristan (Tristan Parker), Taylor's youngest, decides to play at the park, meeting a girl named Amber (Amber Mollenkopf). Summer School is in session during this time, and half of the students that go don't because of the oncoming storms. At 1:26 P.M. The storm starts, with Taylor taking Brandon, Pamela, and Pamela's friends into the bathroom. A tornado touches down at the fireman's carnival. Tristan and Amber see the inside of the twister. So do other kids also trapped at the carnival. Many of the people there run to safety, some taking off in cars. An old couple and their grandson go to the Tioga Post Office, which the twister slices in half. A Pennsylania State Trooper car is sent into the Manns' family living room. Another car is thrown into their front lawn. Their own veicle is thrown over to the fireman's carnival. Another identical twister touches down on the property of the R.B. Walter Elementary. It kills 18 kindergarteners and a sixth grader (Lacey Sisson) watches the twister rip the school to pieces. Cars in the parking lot are sucked up and thrown into the school. The whole school was completely destroyed. The kids at the carnival help themselves to safety. The ferris wheel ends up in the Manns' family yard. The Manns see what has happened to their house, and Taylor calls her sister, MaKayla and she comes to check on them. The film ends with the town being rebuilt.


  • Brandon Nichols - Brandon Manns
  • Taylor Swift - Taylor Manns
  • Pamela Callahan - Pamela Manns
  • Alaina Stanley - Shelby Kirk
  • Markaley Everett - Victoria Reedsworth
  • Allison Mosher - Felicia o'Konnor
  • Maran Davis - Jackie Smith
  • Topher Grace - Officer John Terock
  • Emma Roberts - MaKayla Manns
  • Mila Kunis - Officer Jordan Georgia
  • Belita Moreno - Michelle Goodwin
  • Victoria Justice - Officer Kayla Goodwin
  • Aimee Garcia - Officer Rolanda Carson
  • Tristan Parker - Tristan Manns
  • Amber Mollenkopf - Herself
  • Lacey Sisson - Herself
  • Ashton Kutcher - DJ Manns

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