This movie is said to come out in 2013. It's main characters are Taylor Ramier, Brandon Ramier, Pamela Callahan, Abigail Callahan, Erin Callahan, Creslyn Ramier, Kurtis Ramier (Infant), Sarah Ramier and Shelley Ramier (Twin newborns). It will star many celebrities: Taylor Swift, Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, and Abigail Breslin (dual role) just to name a few. It stars 17 giant animals throughout the book, but, only 9 are in the film adaption. By the end of the book, only Camaro, Taylor, Creslyn, Brandon, Abigail and Erin, Sarah and Shelley, Kurtis, Molly, Donald, and the giant Golden Retriever puppy, Chester, which Pam buys at the mall near the beginning of the book. The sequel will be Chester: The Giant Puppy, which hits bookshelves in 2013. The plot is, for right now, Chester has shrunken back down again, but, after Brandon leaves his bedroom, about 30 beakers from his experiment drop onto the floor and shatter, including the bag, all when he leaves the room with Chester sleeping on the bed. Brandon later finds out, but, only after his entire bedroom is destroyed. About 7 chapters later, a tarantula is mutated accidentally by Abigail, who is later murdered in the final chapter. Pam is murdered also in the first book in the second-to-last chapter by a mean doctor. He gave her poison in the form of a needle. Abigail runs back home and tells everyone, but, they are then dealing with Chester and a giant Python, who battle until the Python drops dead in the final chapter. Both books are for adults and teenagers. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to read it. It has swearing in every chapter, and brutal beatings and murders. Filming will begin in Summer 2012. The release date has not yet been confirmed, and neither has the date of filming either. Chester: The Giant Puppy is said to start filming in Winter 2014. It will hit theaters in 2015.

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