Here are some funny fictional stories about the famous MindCrack server, which a server run by GuudeBoulderfist, which mainly consists of YouTubers who play Minecraft on a multiplayer server. Members of the server often collaborate with other members to play games other than Minecraft. There are some mini-games for the game Minecraft that were created by the members, such as King of the Ladder and ABBA Rules. 

Here are the stories: 

Nebris vs. Guude, The Great Cheating Debate

B-Team Ravine Disaster

Guude and the Great Mod Debate

Arkas, Arkas, and Arkas

Etho and the Snow Golem

Poor Adlington...

Bdubs vs. The Zombie Horde

Baj: Master of Disaster

The Witch of the Death Games

Pakratt and the Great Farm Mishap

Evil Vechs

Zombies of the Nether Hub

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