Minecraft Mods Weather Tornadoes

The mod used by Mike.

The Minecraft Tornado Survival Series is an action/adventure/comedy series that runs on YouTube and is run by Mike7493. Almost every episode contains some sort of tornado. Many mods were added throughout the show's run. The show is currently in it's seventh season. 


The series debuted on April 25, 2012. The first season was mostly about mining with an occasional tornado

Twin tornadoes ravage near Mike's shelter.

or, more frequently, a waterspout. The series immediately gained viewers and dozens subscribed. By the end of the season, the channel had gained hundreds of new subscribers. 


The series mainly focuses on mining, and frequent tornadoes. Several mods, new seeds and new worlds were added throughout the series' run. The main character, Mike, has lived in caverns, plains, and forests. He has even lived underground. He often moves, and this is most often because of tornadoes. Season 1 saw a lot of mining, with frequent waterspouts and occasionally a tornado. The series is mostly mining, and several episodes consist of only mining, without tornadoes, whereas others will contain mining with only waterspouts. Every season consists of it's own plot, and every episode can seem different in a way. 


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Every season had it's own plot, and it's own tornadoes. Several episodes contained only mining, and others contained tornadoes. Others consisted of new mods, and new worlds. Mike moved frequently, most often to find a place less tornado-prone.  However, Mike would often experience several tornadoes where he lived, and would even experience two tornadoes in one episode, however, this was very rare. 


The series has drawn a total of over 1,000,000 viewers during it's run. The series attracted new subscribers to Mike7493's YouTube channel, and quadrupled it. Mike has other series, and has even mentioned having a solar apocalyse series. 

Possible EndingsEdit

On the series and even in other videos on his site, Mike has talked about giving up on the series. All were later proven to be false.

See AlsoEdit

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