The film starts out with a family of men, including two young men, getting ready for dinner. Mike Shelta goes and gets his Poll, a music player. The rest of the gang get into a fight, and the dining room table catches on fire. It's put out by George Gordon. They then head for the beach. When they arrive, somebody hears a noise coming from the sky. They run for the water when they notice that it's a plane ready to crash. They swim to a nearby island and rest there. Jared is accidentaly set with an electric beach chair. He sets it off when he drools on it. Brandon, however, is making a giant sand castle. He runs into his mother who also was washed a sea. They find a ship, but, the captain thinks they're dangerous sea creatures. They swim to Chicago. Brandon, George, Michael, and Jared head for the Sears Tower, which is hit by a small plane. Brandon is trapped between an ambulance and a tractor trailer when the building collapses. Michael gets them out. A tornado then hits the city killing Fred. Brandon's dad is washed out to sea, but is rescued by a police boat and brought ashore. The film is thught to come to an end when Jared nearly dies rescuing Brandon. It then shifts to three months later at a NASCAR race. George gets a car but wrecks it an hour from the track. Brandon gets into a bus accident, involving Michael, Jared, Brandon's parents, Mike, Andy, and Harold. Nobody on the bus dies. They all are sent to the hospital. The film starts to end when Brandon's father dies in the hospital. It then ends when The rest of the crew board a hijacked airplane. It ends with the plane crashing into the camera, making it go black.

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