Caroline Ashton, is at her birthday party with a bunch of her friends, Brendan Felix, Tyrone Hernandez, Luis Jackson, Lucas Urvine, and Elaine Jennerson. She lights the candles, but, she drops one on a pile of papers on a big bounce house inside a children’s playhouse in Horseheads, New York. The whole thing lights on fire within seconds. Everybody scrambles for the exit. But, an arcade game explodes, setting the front door on fire. Brendan tries to escape by climbing through the windows, but, another machine explodes, ripping him to pieces. Tyrone runs toward the back of the building, but, he trips over a cord, and a pen is jammed through his eye, killing him instantly. Caroline helps Luis through a door, but, another machine explodes, decapitating him, and injuring Caroline. Lucas is killed when an explosion sends a golf club right through him. Elaine, Caroline’s mom, trips over a cord, and a machine explodes, killing her instantly. Caroline is then killed when a machine, which is on fire, lands on top of her at high speeds. She wakes up just moments from disaster, and gathers everybody to go outside. They then see the building explode. Later that night, while sitting outside in a thunderstorm, Brendan asks Caroline out on a date. They kiss, but, just a split second after, lightning strikes the nearby maple tree, and it falls on the patio, crushing Brendan to death and destroying the patio. The next day, Tyrone, who is a construction worker, is helping to rebuild the patio. He then notices a small fire next to the chainsaw. He puts it out, but, then, he trips backwards, and has his head sawed off by the power saw. Luis hears about Brendan and Tyrone’s death, and offers to buy a cat for Caroline. But while walking across the street, a high-speed car hits him, and he is killed instantly. The next day, while working at the dump, Lucas finds a suspicious piece of garbage, but, gets his shoe caught, and is shredded to death by a machine which catches on fire and explodes. Caroline hears about it, and tells her mom. Elaine is building a giant fan. When she turns it on, it malfunctions, and then explodes, decapitating her by sawing her head off. Later that day, while at McDonald’s, Veronica and Felix walk up to Caroline and tell her that everyone died in the order they died in the premonition. She tells them that they are crazy and asks them to leave, but, shortly after they do, a car comes crashing through the building, and kills Caroline by ripping her in half. 

Celebrity Incarnations:

Caroline Ashton - Victoria Justice

Brendan Felix - Kendall Schmidt

Tyrone Hernandez - Damon Wayans

Luis Jackson - Terry Crews

Lucas Urvine - Mark Wahlberg

Elaine Jennerson - Jennifer Aniston

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