David Langston was a sophomore at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. He attended his first class, Spanish, at 7:16 am. He heard the gunshots at his section of the university at Norris Hall at 9:00 am. His teacher, Mr. Michael Harris, the Business teacher, heard the police outside, then heard the gunshots outside the classroom. Seung-Hui Cho entered the classroom at 9:16 am, and started shooting. He killed three students and injured six more. Mr. Harris was uninjured, and made David help him, since David knew how to tend wounded people. They gathered the dead bodies in a corner of the room, and one student threw a flower from a vase on the pile. David studied and mastered in Health in High School, and knew how to treat just about every wound. He helped aid 19-year-old Greg Smith, who had been shot in the abdomen and was bleeding heavily. The gunshots continued for several minutes, before they suddenly stopped. After several minutes, the police arrived at the room, and had to call the paramedics to aid the dead and wounded. After several went in the ambulance, David looked at the dead bodies. He recognized his best friend, Hunter Ashton, who had been shot in the head. He then reunited with his parents outside, who had driven a half hour to the campus to find him. They were relieved to find out that he had survived. He had a brother who had graduated college three years before, a brother who was a senior in High School, and a sister who was in tenth grade. He eventually graduated in 2009.

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