Lucas Sullivan lived not far from Blacksburg, Virginia. He and his best friend, Logan Brentwood lived right across from each other, and had been friends since preschool. Lucas and Logan first heard of a major snowstorm hitting Florida on March 10, 1993. They heard that a snowstorm was a possibility but locations hadn't been confirmed. Two days later, they then heard that a snowstorm had formed over Cuba. They thought about it, and knew that a snowstorm couldn't happen in Virginia. Why it was happening in Florida they couldn't understand. However, days later, snow started to fall in Blacksburg, and didn't stop. Eventually, the power cut off. Lucas and Logan were trapped in each other's homes, and couldn't see each other. Lucas's mother started tearing up the carpet on the floor of their living room, and started burning papers. The fire raged out of control, but Lucas put it out before it did any major damage. Much of the furniture in the living room was destroyed, and the family was left with no choice: just ride it out. The snowing finally stopped, and Lucas's dad went to the store to purchase some new furniture. They realized that a power line had fallen, and that was why they didn't have much power. Plus, they found out that only a foot of snow had fallen, and even got confused when Logan came over to help them when he spotted the fire. Jackson, Lucas's dad, helped Logan's dad clear his driveway, which Malcolm had already done. The snow melted within a week, and the town returned to normal.

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