Kevin Decker was on a senior trip to Japan. He was in Onagawa, Miyagi in Japan, as that is where his class decided to go. His class came from Phillipsburg, Kansas. In all of the 17 years he had lived in Kansas, from the time he was born, he had only seen two tornadoes. Once when he was six, which came near his house, and another when he was 13, but it barely even came within 2 miles of his home. The year before he had read a book about Japan, but he had a hard time understanding it because of the names. He was sitting on the beach when the earthquake hit. His friend Scott Rogers became scared, and said that they should head for high ground. Kevin followed his orders. They then, however, became separated from their group. They hopped on a bus, and asked the bus driver to take them to any high ground. The driver was frightened by the earthquake, but had to drop people off. They waited a half hour for all 30 people to get off the bus, and they finally stopped again near the beach. When they got off, they heard a man over a loudspeaker at a nearby building say something about a tsunami. This was just what Scott was afraid of. Kevin remained calm, and hid inside a building. They got onto the roof, and watched into the distance. It took them a while to spot the tsunami, but, they eventually found it. The next scene they saw was horrifying. Kevin saw through binoculars his entire class get swamped from the roof of a building by the towering tsunami. He just witnessed all of his friends die. He stood facing away from the waves, but, he could hear people screaming and shouting and the waves tearing apart buildings. After the waves died down, Kevin emailed his mom on his laptop. She had heard about the tsunami, and was relieved that Kevin was okay. She saw him again a week later, and she gave him hugs and affection. Kevin was glad to be home, and so was Scott, who lived down the block. 

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