Greg Davis was going to see his parents with his wife in California. Flight 1549 was their first flight. He boarded the plane as the first person at 3:16 PM. Just after takeoff, Greg got nervous, and asked his wife how long it would take to get to cruising altitude. Just then, the bird strike happened. Everyone onboard screamed, and Greg remained calm, thinking it was just turbulence. Greg's wife became very uncomfortable. When pilot Chesley Sullenberger said to brace, Greg didn't know what to do, since it was his first time on a plane. He just pulled himself together and waited to die. The impact on the water signaled to him he wouldn't be alive in the next two minutes. However, when he felt the plane come to a stop, he became shocked he was still alive. He looked out the window, and saw the water and the New York skyline. The stewardesses then started directing people to the doors. Greg asked why, and they said that they were gonna put people on the wings. He shrugged, and then started helping people onto the wings. He asked where the pilot was, and the stewardess said she didn't know what was going on up there. He was the last person on the wing, and by that time, the water was above his ankles. He put on his lifevest, and walked out. He found his wife near the water. Just then, a raft opened, and he jumped on. He saw the ferries coming out to rescue them, and finally he knew he was going to be safe. When he finally stepped onto one of the ferries, he sighed with relief. He had been on the Staten Island Ferry before, actually many times, and he knew they were safe. He took off the next day on his first plane, and visited his parents, but they had been aware of the accident after Greg's brother Jim called them and said that he had seen Greg on the news talking about the accident. Sad story happy.

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