Alex Johnson was on a class field trip to the Bronx Zoo when they suddenly heard reports of a hurricane coming up to New York City. They tried to get home, but were stuck. Alex always remained calm. He and his friends Elaine Rodriguez, Peter Edwards, and Hunter Jackson decided to get cover near the zoo in a store. They broke away from their group at about 5:15 PM. The school was late getting to the zoo, since they drove so far. At the store, they met one cashier, Tyler Jenkins, and they asked him what to do. He said that Hurricane Sandy was coming in a few hours, so they could stick around in the store. Their teacher, Mrs. Korris, started looking for them. She gave her group up to another teacher, Mr. Corey Brevick, and went looking for them. However, while crossing the street trying to get to the store after spotting them, she was hit and killed in a hit-and-run accident. Mr. Brevick came looking for her, and found her dead, surrounded by other people. Then, it started to rain. Later, at the store, Hunter was struck by lightning while peeing outside. He survived, but was severely injured. Peter and Elaine cared for him while Alex went looking for something to cover up his wounds with. Tyler then noticed that it was raining hard outside. He closed the doors and boarded up the windows, but, he was too late, as the windows cracked and the water and winds blew in. Mr. Brevick held onto the outside of the store while his students were being swept away to their deaths. He then was hit by a flying pole and killed. Meanwhile, the water was rising fast, and Tyler, Elaine, Peter and Alex hauled Hunter onto the roof, along with other people. Inside, people were knocking over each other to get up top through the air duct. However, the building then started to give way, and people inside drowned. Only ten people died in the Bronx, all connected to Alex Johnson. When the hurricane was over, Alex comforted Elaine while she cried. Tyler saved Hunter from dying by covering him. Several students from Mrs. Korris' and Mr. Brevick's classes were found miraculously alive. Hunter was rushed to the nearest hospital, where doctors told him he was lucky he was still alive. He told them what happened, and the doctors marveled at it. Everyone else reunited with their parents, and Alex's said that he was very brave and heroic, but Alex said he did nothing. 

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