On March 21, 2013, a new series on Disasterpedia Wiki will premiere. It's name? Surviving Great Massacres. It will feature fictional characters of any age that struggle to survive etiher a well-known, lesser-known, or just recent massacre that occured in the 20th and 21st Centuries. It is a spin-off. It's parent series: Survived Series. The parent one is about great disasters, most of them having occured years before. Several suggested titles in the article that lists potential candidates for the series are only suggestions. Some, or even most of them may not appear in the final series. Starting in early 2014, titles in a book adaptation of the series will start to be announced. The first announcement has no official release date. Some new titles might be added to the list before it is officially released. The book adaptations will only be about the titles in the series. Whether or not a book adaptation of the Survived Series will happen is still being determined. Expect the first title of the Surviving Great Massacres series to be released in book form in early 2014; around March or April. 

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