In early 2014, titles in the book series that will be about the Survived Series and the Surviving Great Massacres Series will be announced. The book versions will feature larger versions of the stories, and may even add more characters. First will be the Survived Series, which does feature massacres, but, not as many as Surviving Great Massacres. On March 25, 2013, the first article in Surviving Great Massacres will debut. Already, more than half of the articles in the Survived Series have debuted since January 20, 2013. There have been gaps in between some stories, but, that gap has shortened. The next Survived Series article will debut March 24, 2013. There was an original release date for the Surviving Great Massacres, which was April 4. That was mixed up with another debut article series, which will be announced March 25. We here at Disasterpedia Wiki hope to see the book series of the Survived Series and the Surviving Great Massacres Series become popular and sell across the country.

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