On the first night of the grand reopening of the Superstar café after the shooting, a man decided to pay a visit. He saw that it was crowded. Good! He got out his gun, and suddenly started shooting. He first shot a 5-year-old boy in the head, killing him. He then shot his mother and killed her. His older brother was wounded when he was shot in the leg. He then shot one cashier woman dead. Another woman tried to climb over the counter to subdue him, but, she was shot and killed. He then targeted escaping customers, and he shot another in the head, but did not kill him. He then shot three more people as they tried to get back up after tripping over him. He then targeted another man, but, his brother ran up behind him and tackled him. He then shot the man’s brother in the head, killing him. He then knocked the other man to the ground before escaping. Just then, the police arrived. They tried to tackle him and taser him, but it didn’t work. He got in his car and drove away. He was eventually stopped near a construction site. He got out, and escaped into a hut. He then started shooting at the police cars, and hit two officers and killed them. He also injured three more before on officer snuck up to the back of the hut and shot him in the back of the head, killing him. 


  • Luke Ellis, age 5
  • Danielle Ellis, age 34
  • Karen Davis, age 45
  • Daniel Booth, age 29
  • Lauren Wilson, age 21
  • Officer Scott Brown, age 47
  • Officer Kevin Newbury, age 39
  • Michael Musgrave, age 23 (Gunman)


  • Wesley Ellis, age 14 (Shot once in the leg)
  • David Moore, age 30 (Shot once in the head)
  • Evelyn-Ashley Wallis, age 43 (Shot once in the arm)
  • Elizabeth Wallis, age 39 (Shot once in the shoulder)
  • Officer Kenton Ashton, age 35 (Shot three times in the chest)
  • Officer Fred Harding, age 51 (Shot twice in the head)
  • Officer Johnny Elling, age 49 (Shot once in the arm)

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