A man was showing his two young sons how to shoot a sniper rifle. He called his wife, and, three hours later, she arrived. However, his son gave him a pistol, but, before his wife could get the other one from the eldest son, the man fired at her, killing her. He then shot his two sons in the head both two times. One lay unconscious while the other lay moaning and groaning. He then got his sniper rifle, and shot and killed three people within thirty seconds. He then started targeting young people, but, didn’t kill anybody he shot. He realized he was failing, and ran down the steps and threw his gun at a man. He then ran toward the river, and jumped in. He then started to try to breathe, and purposely drowned himself. When police arrived in boats, they asked the man what he was doing with a gun, and he said that a man threw it at him. He was arrested. He was later acquitted. 


  • Melissa Patrick, age 34
  • David Hanguire, age 43
  • John Ford, age 67


  • Noah Patrick, age 6 (Shot once in the head)
  • Hunter Patrick, age 8 (Shot once in the head)
  • Ashton Collins, age 45 (Shot once in the chest)
  • Colin Huntman, age 37 (Shot once in the arm)
  • Thomas Ford, age 62 (Shot once in the leg)
  • Kate Macguire, age 47 (Shot twice in the chest)

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