Snakes on a Plane was a really popular movie, and we know that huge hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson played in it, but, when will the sequel come out? Personally, I am coming up with a possible hollywood sequel called "Snakes on a School Bus", where several students in Pennsylvania are attacked by snakes on a field trip to the Lycoming Mall in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I have set up that Mila Kunis will be starring in it. The main cast members are: Brandon Nichols, Mila Kunis, Carlton Bell, Jeremiah Johnston, Justin Nichols, Tristan Parker, Donovan Tice, and Shia Labouf. Shia labouf does not come in to play until near the end of the film. Brandon Nichols, Carlton Bell, Justin Nichols, Tristan Parker, Donovan Tice, and Jeremiah Johnston are all unknown actors, but, have been selected to star in the movie. Brandon Nichols, Justin Nichols, and Tristan Parker are all illegitimate brothers. All the same mom, but all different dads. Donovan Tice is their second-cousin. Donovan has a little sister, Cordelia, although she does not have a role in the film. Ciara Bravo was originally planned to be cast, but her role was dropped. Nathan Kress' role was also dropped. The school bus portrayed in the film is a real bus, but the inside is a hollywood set in front of a giant green screen. I hope you all vote for the film and maybe it will be a real movie soon.

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