A man decided he was hungry and just happened to be walking near a Burger Shot. He walked in with a pump shotgun, and with a handgun in his pocket. He threatened the cashier, and got hid order in ten minutes. He then threw his order away, and shot and wounded the cashier. He then went to the back of the kitchen, where he tied up a girl, then locked her in a stall in the bathroom, then returned, but, by that time, the police were on their way, and he could hear them with keen hearing in the very distance. He decided to hide near the door under a table until the police arrived. When they did arrive, he sprinted for the back of the kitchen once again, and locked all doors to back there. He then opened fire on the police, immediately killing 1. He then shot at the police for a minute before hitting two more and killing them. He then had a ricochet bullet bounce off a table and hit a police in the back, wounding him. He then shot and killed three more and wounded five more. After he stopped firing, the police started searching for him, trying to find a way in. He then reloaded his handgun, which he killed one officer with and wounded his last two with. He then put the gun up to his forehead, and opened fire, killing himself. The police hesitated, and then opened fire on the kitchen door. They broke in, and found him dead. 


  • Officer Peter Scott, age 45
  • Officer David Hunter, age 23
  • Officer George Newman, age 36
  • Officer Gregory Hunter, age 26
  • Officer Lucas Powell, age 37


  • Officer Austin Brown, age 56 (Shot once in the back by a ricochet)
  • Officer Peter Smith, age 54 (Shot once in the head)
  • Officer Devon Johnson, age 44 (Shot once in the chest)
  • Officer Roberto Hernandez, age 26 (Shot once in the leg)
  • Officer Tyrone Black, age 55 (Shot once in the head)
  • George Michaels, age 37 (Shot twice in the chest and head)

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