The book Shark Wars by EJ Altbacker starts with Gray and his best friend Barkley hunting his home waters for food. They chase some fish, and accidentally wander out of their territory. They meet a tiger shark named Thrash on the way, and strike a conversation. When Gray gets back, he is found responsible for wandering out of the home waters, and banished from his shiver. Barkley follows Gray on his journey through the Big Blue. They thne run into Mari, a thresher, Striiker, a great white, Snork, a sawfish, and Shell, a bull shark. They discover that the four are rogue sharks, meaning they have no home and just wander the ocean. They then set up their own shiver, calling it, "Rogue Shiver". A few days later, they meet up with Goblin, a bloodthirsty shark trying to conquer the Big Blue. They also meet his First in Line, Velenka, a very black mako shark. They also discover that Mari was once part of Goblin Shiver, but she escaped and swam off. Goblin invites the four into his shiver, and together they join to fight off Razor Shiver and prepare for the Tuna Run. However, after a few training exercises, Gray and Barkley have a fight, and Barkley swims off with Mari, Shell and Striiker. After a while, Gray starts to become regretful for sending off Barkley and all of his new friends. However, Goblin keeps him, training him endlessly for the Tuna Run. Barkley, who is excellent at hiding, discovers by overhearing a conversation between Velenka and Goblin that Goblin is just using Gray as bait to win the Tuna Run. Barkley accidentally opens his mouth, and while somehow swimming near the old Coral Shiver homewaters, he, a stonefish named Trank, Shell, Striiker, and Mari are locked up in a cage as prisoners. Gray finds out, and sets them free. He then discovers that Goblin was just using him as bait, and he becomes angered at Goblin. He has also found out that he is a megalodon, as Velenka showed him an old skeleton and he found out that he had the exact same teeth. Gray then discovers that the legendary Takiza Jaelynn Betta vam Delacrest Waveland ka Boom Boom; Takiza for short. After numerous training exercises, Gray and Goblin go to the Tuna Run. There, they defeat the Razor Shiver, and Gray finds out that his mother is fine. Gray and Barkley reunite with their friends, and together they go back with Goblin. 

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