Scarlett Lautner was an American author and actress born on September 14, 1995 and died on December 25, 2012. She has written over 40 novels and many more short stories and non-fiction books. A few of the books she has written she was granted permission to write by big organizations. This is a list of all of her known works. 

Fiction NovelsEdit

The Spirit

Dora Saves the Day

Original Recipe

First Steps

Going for Gold

The Garage

Pileup on Highway 254

The River


Death by Machine

War of the Invisibles

Underneath the City

The Ring

Horror University

The Aftermath of Highway 254

Christmas Carols


A Million Reasons to Live

Home Run


Spider-Man Meets The Avengers

The Bunny Rabbit

Save Earth

Scent of Danger


The Apocalypse


Mary Rae Lewis: School Reporter

iPhone Buddies

Mary Rae Lewis: School Cheerleader

Skateboarding: Jocks and Girls

The Camera

Guns and Girls


Mary Rae Lewis: School Star

Danger Zone

Ted: The Movie Storybook

2012: After the Apocalypse

2013: The Year After

The Gun and the Letter


The Apparition

Bedtime Stories for Children

Short StoriesEdit

The Gym

Three Little Boys

The Jacket

Jumbo Fish


Newman's Pride

Little White Lies

The Hunters


School's Out!

Jimmy Jackson

It's Spring


Love Notes

The Time Traveler

Cars and Trucks

Slimy Snakes

The Little Boy's Dream

Breaking the Law

College Boys

The Indian

Jesus Christ's Dream

The Warehouse Full of Boxes


Wikimedia Foundation: A History

Black Hawk Down

The 1992 Los Angeles Riots



Grand Theft Auto: The Series

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