The Save Earth series of comics is based off of Scarlett Lautner's book, "Save Earth", and was first published on September 30, 2012, and ended on January 16, 2013. 16 issues were released, or one each week. Until Scarlett Lautner's death, Scarlett did most of the storylines. Her older brother John, who was working on the "Lautner Graphix" series, offered to continue the storylines. He stopped working on the Lautner Graphix to help continue the Save Earth series. 


Each volume continued the last, but each had at least two major conflicts, only one of which is solved in the issue. Scarlett pointed out that the books' storylines are unique. There were 16 different issues, and during the storyline, Elaine, Kevin, and their mother, (who survives despite dying in the book), the main characters, experience multiple problems that have to do with aliens, instead of the main conflict in the book. Much of the comic series differs from the book, and Scarlett Lautner said she did this on purpose, as she wanted the Save Earth storyline to pick up from the beginning of the book and not have it end so suddenly. The first book is the only book to have no differences from the book. Book 2 starts to develop a new path, and from then on only certain conflicts share similarities. Book sixteen ends exactly how the book ended, however there was only one slight differnce: Instead of everyone being killed, the group is only knocked out, and, later on discover that the military saved them, and they destroyed the aliens. Also, all the people that were inside the school bus with Elaine, Kevin and their parents also survive, instead of just Elaine and Kevin. 


The first book was published on September 30, 2012, and the last on January 16, 2013. The books were released once a week and at certain stores were only $10.99. The books got a Kindle version as soon as they all came out. On Scarlett's website, the day after each book was released, Scarlett posted a five-page sneak peek of the next book, as all books were written and published ahead of time. 


Lautner GraphixEdit

A different one-book comic book version of "Save Earth" was published as part of the "Lautner Graphix" series. There are no differences between both books. 

Television SeriesEdit

Scarlett said right after book three's publication that she would like a TV series based off of the comic book series. She even posted a voting toll on her website three days later. 

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