The film starts out with Taylor Gordon paying her crippled boss $100. She leaves and almost crashes into a plane that is crashing. She arrives home to her younger brother Brandon Gordon, and his girlfriend Pamela Jackson. The next day, their school burns down trapping Pamela and Brandon inside. They are sent to the hospital for 1st degree burns. The scene shifts to Taylor's best friend, Michael, driving home to their house. When he arrives he sees that her 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is gone. She arrives 10 minutes later with Pamela, and Brandon. Her partner, Jeff, shows up with his son as well. Pamela plays Xbox 360 with the boys. Tristan Michaelsson shows up 30 minutes later with a picture of Michael Jackson. Pamela wasn't related to him. He plays Xbox 360 as well. They leave for Route 254, which turns on them immediately. Taylor, Brandon, Pamela, Taylor's girlfriends, Brandon's friends on his bus, Taylor's partner, Tristan, their mother, their mom's boyfriend, their son Derek, Tristan's grandfather on his dad's side, Brandon's case worker, Taylor's english teacher, Taylor's father's father, Tristan's father, and Taylor's best friend. After the crash, it shows all the recipients of the crash in the hospital. Taylor's boss is undergoing surgery. Pamela, and Brandon head home with their father. They then arrive at the house and then stay there until they have to go to Wal-Mart. They then show Taylor in the operating room. Taylor then receives info. that her girlfriend, her english teacher, and her boss has died. The film ends a short while later with a bus crashing. (This happens in the sequel, but everybody on the bus supposedley dies.


The sequel isn't to come out until 2013. It does star Taylor Swift, Brandon Nichols and Pamela Callahan, but the rest of the cast has changed. Topher Grace is to return. At the end the entire cast except Taylor's girlfriend MaKayla, and Brandon's case worker dies. The beginning shows the people on the bus in the hospital again. Topher Grace dies near the end before the bus crash. The name of the film will be The Aftermath of Route 254. The first film supposedly comes out in 2012 late in september.

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