A new series will debut on April 4, 2013, and will be a list of short stories, and usher a new era of stories on the site. The stories will be of horror and drama, mostly thriller and horror. Several short stories will consist of more than five chapters, while others will have at least ten. Here is a sneak peek at some stories:

Monster in the Closet

The River


Rain of Terror

Death by Machine


War of the Invisibles

Underneath the City

The Ring


Where the Monsters Live

Horror University

The Building

A Million Reasons to Live


Terror at Lakewood Swamp

The Million Year Flood

The Tank

Don't Go In There

Closet of Nightmares

A Dark and Stormy Evening

The House That No One Lived In


The Gun and the Letter

These are the titles in the series. Whether or not a spin-off series will develop is still under determination. 

Update: This series has been put on hold until further notice.

Update: This series has been canceled. 

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