One day, while Bdubs and Guude were working on town hall on the Season 4 server, Nebris logged on to the server for the first time in months. He had just recently found out about a new X-ray trick involving Lapis Lazuli blocks and lava. Nebris was always cheaty, and it is now a running gag throughout the server. Nebris is at his unattended base, which was ransacked just a few days before by paulsoaresjr. Nebris realized that PSJ wasn't on at the moment. Since Nebris hadn't been on in months, he had no idea where PSJ's base was. So, he went to spawn into a cave right underneath the death games. He did the x-ray trick, and found PSJ's base, but, it was really Vechs' base. He was recording at the moment, and decided he was gonna upload videos to his new computer, since his reason for absence was a broken computer. He went to Vechs' base, and looted it completely of stuff. Guude noticed while he was walking past PSJ's base was Nebris sprinting back to his base. He thought nothing of it. However, two days later, when Nebris uploaded his video, he saw that he unveiled Vechs' base, and how he found it. Guude got on the server, but Nebris was editing another video, so he wasn't on the server. Guude found Nebris' base, and, built above it big, bold letters: "STOP CHEATING". When Nebris logged on later that day, he saw what Guude had done. He went to Guude's base, and set it on fire. Guude was on, but he was at EthoCorp in a Skype call with Etho. When he was done, he went back to his base to continue recording his video. Nebris had logged out, but Guude never noticed. He saw in big, bold letters above the remains of his base, "NEBRIS WAS HERE". He logged out and sent Nebris a private message on YouTube, which read, "So, the Great Cheating War has begun". Guude chuckled at it. He then logged back on. Nebris logged on a day later and snuck into Guude's base while Guude was recording. Guude never saw him, but, apparently, his viewers did. So, he went to Nebris' base the next day, and wrote a book that stated that the war needs to end or Nebris will be banned from the server, as he is griefing other people's bases on purpose. Nebris surrendered, and revealed that the whole thing was never intended to be a Cheat War between Guude and himself. Nebris continued making videos, as did Guude. 

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