The NLSCAR, founded by Chris Kyle, a Canadian driver who has bagged several wins across multiple series, is now hosting the Rainbow Dash ARCA Series. Here is every race so far this season: 

Track Winner
Daytona DJ Kurtis
Fontana Tim Grenwich
Bristol Chris Kyle
Boston Christopher Kao
Richmond Chris Kyle
Talladega Dylan Theroux
Pensacola Jarenn Calabitin
Chicagoland Tom Shelly
Michigan DJ Kurtis
Kentucky Stuart Gratton
North Wilkesboro James Wickard
Talladega Night James Wickard
Motor City Chris Kyle
Darlington Warren Cherry
Texas Seth Brown
Daytona Night Amy Shelly
Kansas Joseph Kurtis
Homestead DJ Kurtis

Final Points Standings:

  1. James Wickard
  2. DJ Kurtis
  3. Chris Kyle
  4. Amy Shelly
  5. Tom Gerard
  6. Jerry Guerra
  7. Brandon Nichols
  8. Kyle Thomas
  9. Tim Grenwich
  10. Patrick Mieu

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