This is N2SC4R's rookie NASCAR season. It is the finishing position in every race. 

Daytona 500: 8th

Cracker Barrel 500: 1st 400: 4th

Food City 500: 1st

Goody's Body Pain 500: 1st

Diehard 500: 2nd

NAPA Auto Parts 500: 2nd

Pontiac Excitement 400: 2nd

Coca-Cola 600: 2nd

Save Mart/Kragen 350: 1st

Pepsi 400: 9th

Brickyard 400: 2nd

Global Crossing @ the Glen: 8th 500: 1st

Pepsi Southern 500: 1st

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400: 1st

NAPA Autocare 500: 1st 

UAW-GM Quality 500: 1st

Talladega 500: 1st

NAPA 500: 1st (Ties Richard Petty's record for 7 wins in a row)

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 400: 7th

Pennsylvania 500: 2nd 300: 1st

The Winston: 13th

Dura Lube 300: 5th

Pennzoil 400: 25th

DirecTV 500: 3rd 400: 1st (Becomes 3rd driver to win 13 times in one season)

MBNA Platinum 400: 33rd

BIG Kmart 400: 7th

Pocono 500: 2nd

Checker Auto Parts/Dura Lube 500: 7th

Winston 500: 6th

Dura Lube/BIG K 400: 10th

Top Ten Standings: 

1. Joseph Lombard  

2. Bobby Labonte 

3. Rusty Wallace

4. Dale Jarrett

5. Tony Stewart

6. Mark Martin

7. Dale Earnhardt

8. Mike Skinner

9. Ricky Rudd

10. Jeff Burton

Note: Became widely disliked for winning all the time. Became very first driver to win championship in rookie season. Became second driver to win 7 times in a row. Became third driver to win 13 times in one season.

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