During a PvP event occuring on the official Disasterpedia Wiki Modded Fan Server (Not to be confused w/ the Disasterpedia Wiki SMP Fan Server), several guys, about 7, built ships lined w/ TNT cannons using the Archimedes' Ship Mod flew above spawn and blew it up w/ the TNT cannons, ending the PvP event after only ten minutes. Everyone participating in the PvP event filmed the event, and all collaberated their perspectives to the Official Disasterpedia Wiki YouTube Channel. The videos are an hour long, even though the main PvP event was cut short after five minutes. Scout523, a member of the server, apparently hosted the event, building most of the ships. Three shops at spawn were completely destroyed and went out of business. Many, countless items despawned and/or were blown up during the event. The participants of the PvP event eventually went over to the ship construction base, and flooded it w/ water, since it was in a hole, mostly underground, w/ only a small structure above ground. They then lit the roof on fire. The owner of the server then put up an invisible wall using a plug-in surrounding the building to prevent entrance as a punishment. Everyone who recorded's perspective will be uploaded to the Disasterpedia Wiki YouTube Channel. Halfway through the bombing, the leader, Scout523 blew up several building that survived using pre-set traps underneath spawn. Several buildings were destroyed beyond repair, and three went out of business. The owner banned the player that set these traps up for a week. Spawn has undergone a complete revamp since the disaster, approximately two weeks ago. A UHC event is planned and will start January 14, 2014. It is a fight to the death between most of the whitelisted members. All of the perspectives will be uploaded to the player's independent channels. 

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