The Hubble Space Telescope picks up a signal, and sends it to NASA. They thne realize that a meteor is headed for Earth, and prepare to tell the world. Billy Davis gathers his family and gets them to gather everything in the basement.  His family then becomes confused, and since his wife is Bipolar, she lashes out on him, killing him, saying it is all a lie in front of her children. The children then revolt against their mother, and destroy all their stuff. Their mother then locks them in a closet, and apparently she is schizophrenic. the head of NASA, Freddy Hunter, says that they need to build a satellite to destroy the meteor. Some small meteorites hit Russia, and Russia sets off rockets geared toward the US, and they all land in big cities, killing millions. The government then declares war on Russia, and drops an atomic bomb on them at the same time and even bigger meteorite hits. Russia surrenders, and, by then, the meteor has already gotten 18,000,000 miles closer. It is just near the moon, and NASA prepares to send their satellite up. The man who first saw the meteor, Hunter Elizabeth, drives his car into the satellite, delaying launch and committing suicide. The vice-president of NASA, Wesley Clay Davis, Billy's brother, sets the satellite off, but, what NASA doesn't know, is that Wesley accidentally put an atom bomb on board the satellite, and that they are heading for extinction. The satellites collide with the meteor, but, one just brushes it, and blows out into Space. The atom bomb causes the meteor to explode into billions of pieces, and some are miles long. They hit the Earth, killing billions. In the end, and to sum up, only 1,019,567,345 people survived the meteor. hundreds more died in the following days, weeks, months and years from the after-effects. After seventy-five thousand years, humans were recovering from the disaster. 

9785 AD:

The world's second 1 billionth baby is born. 

13479 AD:

The world's population finally reaches 7 billion again. 

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