When Greg Forester sees Ashley Wallace, he chases after her, but, when he finally gets her attention, she is hit by a car and killed, however, doctors manage to get her heart going again, and she spends the next month breaking up with her boyfriend, fighting with family members, and contemplating suicide. She then meets Greg, who starts to date her from the hospital. After a year of recovery, Ashley has a baby. However, she starts to develop strange powers, like telekinesis, schizophrenia, and the ability to fly. Greg drinks her blood after getting drunk, and he then starts to develop her powers. Her baby then starts talking and making it's own decisions. Ashley then meets guys while showing her powers at a bar. The men spread the word, and within six months, she's the most famous human being on the Earth. She meets Stan Lee, who comicizes her. Greg argues that she is spending too much time with guys. Over the next few weeks, her baby starts to develop real fats and grow amazingly fast. By the time he turns six months old, he is alreay nearly five feet tall, and has the mind of a thirteen-year-old. He starts thne to develop his powers, and Greg starts to feel separated, and asks her to marry him, but, she declines, saying she likes her life like it is now, and they fight and then discover that their son is stuck to develop as slow as a normal human, and htis brings them back together. Ashley then realizes she is pregnant again with a girl, which is actually her son's twin sister, and when she comes back out of the nursery, she is as mature as her brother and just a little taller. One man thne sues Greg for hitting on his wife, which pulls him farther away from Ashley. Ashley then kills herself, but, then discovers that she has nine lives. While in the hospital, her kids become superheroes, saving her from an exploding kerosene lamp. However, their father is then killed, but, then wakes up again, and dies over and over in the burning building until his children save him. Ashley makes her own costume, and kissess Greg, saying she doesn't want to be with anybody else, and together they walk into the sunset, blowing up buildings and crashing cars. 

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