The sequel to Living in Liberty City starts out with Niko arriving at the hospital and eventually, later that day, his cousin Roman Bellic stops by and several other friends visit, but, eventually get bored with nothing to do. After Roman leaves the next morning, Niko wakes up, but, is scared half to death by his bloody eye. He then walks out and carjacks a taxi. He drives to Roman's apartment, and they hang out and eventually walk to a dance club. Niko scores with a couple of girls, while Roman disturbs many and is kicked out. He walks with Niko to one girl's apartment, but, he is kicked out after refusing to dance with her. They walk by a video game store, where Roman sees that a video game that he wants is too much money, so, Niko walks into a clothing store and robs the store after killing the employee. The cops then chase Niko and Roman, but, Niko gets out, and, while walking up the steps to a building, a cop trips and shoots and kills himself. Niko gets the cop's walkie-talkie, and messes around with it. He then meets up with Roman, who shook off a cop during a car chase. They go back and play the game. They play it through a free-for-all session, with other players. Eventually, the connection is lost, and Niko gets angry with the game. Niko then borrows Roman's car, but, destroys it in a car accident. It then catches fire and explodes, angering Roman. He spends the night, and, he walks out the next morning, but, when, he gets on a bus, a crazy man who had stole the bus earlier drives around the city and eventually stops in Star Junction, with Niko helpless the entire time. Meanwhile, the fat biker is pulled over, but, kills the cop and throws him over the bridge. He then drives to his house. Niko then walks to Burger Shot, but, before he can try a burger, he is forced to eat a burger given to him by a street vendor. He dislikes it. He then sees the wierd man and the chicken man, Cluck Norris, whom he chases. He eventually gets rid of Cluck Norris by drowning him in his van after dropping it into water with his helicopter. He then chases the wierd man, and the grenade that he throws at him sends him to the moon. He then hops in the back of the fat biker's truck, and he is helpless until he stops. He then chases him around the city, failing to kill him many times. He eventually gets him stuck on a boat, but, he fails to execute him with a grenade launcher. He kills him the next morning. He then falls over the side of a building, but, survives.

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