The film starts with Niko Bellic walking out of his apartment. He gets in his car, and drives across the city to the clothing store, Perseus. He says out loud that everything there sucks, and gets into a fight with an employee and is kicked out. He drives around and eventually stops at a food cart in the park, where he has a burger. His cousin, Roman, meets up with him, much to Niko's dismay. They eventually make up, and travel to Roman's apartment, even though Roman accuses Niko of being gay. They fight until they reach the apartment. Niko talks about his troubles in the war, however, Roman tells him that he always tells the same story over and over, and Niko kicks him out. Meanwhile, the fat biker travels on his bike across the city until he crashes and flies through the air until he lands in Niko's apartment. He then runs out. Niko then gets hungry, but, he floods the apartment while trying to make a burger. He then goes to the Internet Cafe, where he thnks he won, but, he finds out that he was gimmicked. He then storms out, and tries walking around the city. He goes into a bar, but, the one man runs out on him. He then tries, bowling, but, goes psycho when he can't get another strike. He then goes to the top of a parking garage, and pees down the side. The fat biker then crashes the car in the front yard. He gets out, and gets in his truck. Niko investigates the house, wrongly thinking that he is in the house. When the biker comes home, Niko hides in a box. The biker takes the box to his truck, where he drives around until it falls out. Niko and Roman then meet up, and Niko leaves the next morning, chasing the chicken man. He fails. He then goes back with Roman, and they go to a bar. They have a fight, and Niko storms out. However, Niko is injured in a hit and run, and he falls unconscious as the screen falls black.

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