The NASCAR Lite Series, a fictional stock car series owned by NASCAR but operated as its own series. The series has it's own all-star race, but it is much smaller than the one in Sprint Cup. Driver Robby Noser, who has the most all-star race wins at 6, originally suggested the idea to Lite Series President Sam West. It's inaugural year was 1985, and was won by Brian Sanders. At first, it was called the Lite Series Elite Race, and is still called that by some today, most famously by the commentators of NBC, Ryan Louis, Jason Hedlesky and Kevin White. The regular broadcasting team of Rick Houston, Joey Miller and Louis van Zandt does not cover the race. At first, the race was held at Charlotte, however, starting in 2001, the race has been held at Phoenix. Here are the winners of every all-star race:

Year Winner(s)
2014 Tony Long
2013 Stephen Hall
2012 Donny Santos
2011 Ramian Fisher
2010 Jim Kelly
2009 Jim Kelly
2008 Sam McMillan
2007 Seth Wilson
2006 Kevin Long
2005 Sam McMillan
2004 Ryan Louis
2003 Donny Santos
2002 Jimmy Green
2001 Donny Santos
2000 Jason Hedlesky
1999 Wes Robinson
1998 Mike Thompson
1997 Sonny Townsend
1996 Ashton Oliver
1995 Timmy Houston
1994 William Powell
1993 Robby Noser
1992  Sonny Townsend
1991 Robby Noser
1990 Robby Noser
1989 Sonny Townsend
1988 Robby Noser
1987 Robby Noser
1986 Robby Noser
1985 Brian Sanders

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