One man was just walking out of Burger Shot when he decided to go to Broker. When he finally got to waiting for a subway car, a man shoved him from behind. They eventually started raising each other’s voices. The car was yet to come. The man from Burger Shot got out an illegal gun and said that if the man didn’t back off, he was going to shoot him. Just then, the train car started approaching. The other man then said go ahead, so, he shot him and killed him. When the train arrived, people crowded his car. Some didn’t care that a gunshot had gone off. When the train shut it’s doors and started to move, he shouted, “It’s time!” and started shooting. He first targeted an old woman who was wearing a green shirt. She died instantly. He then just hit people aimlessly after that. He shot and killed seven people and wounded three more. He then said to himself, “Forgive me, momma” and shot himself in the head right through the forehead. Only six people weren’t either dead or wounded. They put the dead in one part of the train, and the wounded in another. Two men watched over the dead people, and the others watched over the wounded. When the train stopped and the doors opened, people immediately ran up to complain to the driver. He called the police. He then got out and shut the train off. He left the doors open and started evacuating people out of that part of the subway. Once everyone was out of that part of the subway, police officers called the paramedics because of the three injured people. They helped care for the dead bodies, trying hard not to harm them. The driver was then walked up to ground level by a police officer, and put in the back after being handcuffed, and driven to the nearest station. He was arrested for not stopping the train. The six that were not injured were taken to court as well to hear the case. They were not considered heroes because they tried to stop him, but, because they tried to keep the wounded alive. The driver vowed to close that train and park it until his hearings were over. He could not return to that and he was relieved of his driving duties. 


  • Billy Houston, age 25
  • Rose Withers, age 81
  • Lucas Cho, age 34
  • Robert Hunter, age 26
  • Tyrone Newman, age 32
  • Yvonne Newman, age 30
  • Alex White, age 43
  • Tyler Wallace, age 32 (Gunman)
  • Dale MacDonald, age 45 


  • Fred Hinton, age 44 (Shot twice in the shoulder and head)
  • Carl Evelyn, age 52 (Shot once in the stomach)
  • Joshua McClintock, age 34 (Shot once in the chest and thigh)

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