In the winter of 2012, a huge snowstorm occured on December 17, 2012. Large amounts of snow fell very quickly, and after only three hours there was already a foot of snow on the ground. By nightfall, most of the streets had been plowed, and, if not, then they were closed due to deep snow. By dawn, over two feet of snow had fallen. In Alderney, snow amounts were huge. Alderney City had received over three feet of snow, most of which had been plowed. Entire first stories to homes were buried, trapping people in their homes. People started hiring neighbors to plow their yards just so they could get to the road. Acter had to completely shut down, as it was also under three feet of snow, but was also flooding, due to it being low ground. In the late afternoon of December 18, 2012, another massive blizzard occured. Outlook Park was closed completely, buried under two feet of snow. There were dozens of traffic accidents and even deaths reported in Alderney from the severe snowfall amounts. Later the next morning, a massive pile-up consisting of at least 80 cars occured on the Plumber's Skyway. The whole thing was blocked off from all entrances for the next three days while the scene was cleaned up. There were three deaths with around 12 reported injuries in the massive pile-up, with 9 of them moderate, and the other three very minor. By December 20, most of the snow had been plowed away, and homes had been dug out from underneath the snow, however, up to ten inches of snow still fell over the next few days. The snow continued to fall in large amouts until around February 17, 2013, when a large amount of warm weather circled around the area, killing any snow clouds. In the winter of 2013, snowfall was average, except for a few days with over a foot of snow. 

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