The "Lautner Graphix" series is a series of comic books based completely off of Scarlett Lautner books. Scarlett, her older brother Luke Evansdale, her older sister Elaine Evansdale, her mother Jess, her sister-in-law Phoebe Kent-Lautner, her sister-in-law Jennifer Lautner, and her older brothers Roland and John Lautner have all contributed to the series. The series will be adapted into a television miniseries and will feature every book in the "Lautner Graphix" series, with the exception of the Mary Rae Lewis series, which was illustrated by Scarlett's older brother Fred upon publication. 



The River

A Million Reasons to Live

Home Run

2013: The Year After


The Apparition

The Apocalypse

Save Earth


Underneath the City

War of the Invisibles

The Gun and the Letter

Television MiniseriesEdit

The series has been adapted into a 16-part miniseries and is slated to air on August 15, 2013. The book series was originally going to feature only 12 books, but the book, "The Gun and the Letter", was added to the series, and will be released on the book's one-year anniversary. The television series will feature "The Gun and the Letter", and will also feature the Mary Rae Lewis series. The episode for the book, "Underneath the City", will be a two-hour episode, considering the book's length of 284 pages. 

Radio SeriesEdit

A radio play of the "Lautner Graphix" series was originally going to air on June 15, 2013, but was going to feature only half of the books in the series. However, after Scarlett Lautner's death, the plays were put on hold until further notice, since Scarlett was supposed to narrate the radio plays, but, after three months of searching for a new narrator, Scarlett's mother Jess cancelled the plays altogether. Also, the radio station S-115: The Scarlett Lautner Experience was cancelled as well. 

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