Justin the Dork is about a group of humans, who, over 12 years of their lives, grow to huge, and small sizes, and grow extraordinary powers. The group is led by Justin Nichols, the main protagonist.

Season 1Edit

Justin the Dork

Justin vs. Donovon


The Revenge of Tristan

The Godzilla Experience


Tristan 2: The Battle of Kiley

Gage and Godzilla

Donovon vs. Godzilla

Explore the Donovon Scar

1381 South Kill

Can You Jump to the Moon?


Brandon Raids Again!

Tristan 3: War Over New York

The Revenge of Tristan 2: The Battle for Vegas

Amber Comes!

Amber, Tristan, Justin: Giant Humans All-Out Attack!

Little Shrinks

Season 2Edit

The Battle of the Shrinks


Shrink War

The Battle of Holland Tunnel

Newark Airport

Crash Landing

Lost in Las Vegas

MGM Grand

War of Vegas

Battle of Caesar's Palace

New York Steak

Sin City Go Boom!

Flight 666 (Part 1)

The Next Terrorist (Part 2)

Hunt the Leopard (Part 3)

The Day That Time Lost (Part 4)

The Dallas Overshoot (Part 5)

The Donovon Scar (Part 6)

Power Outage (Part 7)

The Crash (Part 8)

The Loser Club (Part 9)

Category 10: Order in the Court

Season 3Edit

Storm of the Century


King Justin

Kiley vs. King Kong

Hotel South Kill

1381 South Kill 2: Murder of the Century

Tristan 4: Don't Confess

Kiley and Tristan

The Invisable Cave

Join the Crowd

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

King Kong Returns

Amber vs. King Kong

Gage and the Riot

Zilla vs. King Kong

Jurassic Justin

The Wormhole

Chex Rex

Soda Empire

Raising Atlantis

Season 4Edit

Tristan 5: The Brick Cave

Hunt of the Wolf


Apology #412]

Amber and the Clown

43 Planes

Brandon and Godzilla's Game

Godzilla vs. Donovon

The superkids

Season 5Edit

Super War

The Question Mark?

Brain Boy vs. The Blaze

Pyrotechnic Food

Monster Man vs. Technology Girl

Follow the Leader

The Death of Kiley

Engineer Boy vs. The Blaze

Rockefeller Center

Battle of the Empire

New York War

Girl Plan

The Donovon Scar

Building the Battle

Family Problem

Godzilla Joins the Chase

Engineering Disaster


Tristan 6: Squirrel Boy


Meteor Shower

The Final Battle

The Family

Season 6Edit


Shrink of the Minors

Godzilla: The Giant Lizard

Super vs. Shrink

Escape from New York

The Teens of the Century

Episode 100

Don't Give Up

Liquid Nitrogen

Justin: The Bubbleologist

Nitrogen Bubbles

Horror on South Street


The Elephant: Choice of Power (Part 1)

The Elephant: Weapon Of Nitrogen (Part 2)

The Nitrogen Elephant (Part 3)

The Nitrogen Bubble Elephant (Part 4)

Mount Everest and the Elephant (Part 5)

Death of the Elephant (Part 6)

Kiley's Ghost at Rockefeller Center

Lost on Mount Everest

The Super Shrinks

Operation Shrink: Location Unknown

The Roof of the World

The Shrinks on the Summit

Season 7Edit

Prom Night on Everest

School No More

The End of the Shrink Era

Super Everest

Grown-up Superkids

Diamonds and Chrome

Chrome Everest

Super Adults

Unfortunate Puberty

Burn of the Mountain

Iron Boy

Chrome vs. Iron


Battle of the Snowstorm

Kangchenjunga Tornado

Buried Alive

Snow Boy to the Rescue

Whose Body?

Body of Amber

Farewell Amber

Return to the US

Here Comes Connor!

Battle Over Kiley

The Supernatural

Tristan 7: Intelligence Power

Tristan vs. Connor

Race to K2

Battle of the Ks!

K2: Connor's Favorite Mountain

Flight of the Thunderbird

Connor: The Good Guy

Season 8Edit

Connor: Magma Man

Rise of the Super Adults

The Team

League of Villains

The Team of Heroes

Villains in Hand

The Rise of Plant Girl

Chloe's Power

The End of Plant Girl

Loss of a Comrade

Chloe: The Sweetest Hero

Justin: Leader of The Team

Plane X

Hypersonic Team

Justin and the X Plane

The Aliens

Deaf Aliens

Planet Jasxto

Keeping in Touch

The End of The Team

Season 9Edit

The Mountains of Sorrow

Justin and Donovon: Long Time Friends

Return to Pennsylvania

The Unusual House

Remembering Lost Titans

Still need The Team

Riot of Paparazzi

The Team is Back!

Jasxto Returns

Powerless Aliens

Amber, Chloe, and Kiley: The Fallen Heroes

Villains of Success and Failure

Godzilla Returns

Godzilla's Friend

Mothra: The New Monster Comrade

World War III

Biggest War in History

Bloody Battlefield

Battle of the Teams

The Comical Team

Exercise is Worth It!

Season 10Edit

End of the War

Bloodiest Battle Ever

Connor's Death

The Fall of Connor

Super Deer

Rise to the Supernatural

The Wall of Heroes

Gage Returns!

Shouldn't Have Been Absent

Gage Joins The Team

Gage Sorge: Element Man

Mothra Dies

Godzilla Returns

Godzilla: The Hero Monster

Mothra's Babies

The Large Cocoon

Bunny Apocalypse

The Super Bunnies

The Animal Team

Season 11Edit

Attack of the Bunnies

Animalia: The Animal Country

Remembering the Lost Titans

Titans of The Team

Titans of the 21st Century

Hypersonic Car

The Team's RV

Bunny Warehouse in Animalia

The Super Deer

The Animals Can Talk!

Justin and Donovon: Longest Friendship

Gage and Tristan: Absence Buddies

Bonus Episode of Season 11

Season 12Edit

The Close of The Team

The Final Battle of The Team

The Super Adults

Animalia: The War of the Badgers

Bloodiest Battle in Animalia

The Ghosts of The Team

The Lair is Unveiled

War of the Bunnies

Population Boom

The Battle for Territory

Godzilla Joins the Battle

The Animalian Revolution

The Animaliation of Independence

Animalia Now a Country!

The Settlement in Animalia

Justin the Dork

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