Here are some mistakes for the show Jessie on Disney.

In the episode, "Princess and the Pea Brain", Jessie and Emma put on their rally caps, but, if you notice Emma's, it switches from untied to having the words off to the side, to it being tied and having the words in the middle.

In the episode, "Are You Cooler than a 5th Grader", Ravi says that he is finally allowed to go to school, yet, in the pilot episode, he waits for the school bus.

In the special, "Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year", the gang drops Austin off on the roof of the building to perform, but when Austin starts performing, less than two minutes later, you can see the gang dancing to his music. It would have been impossible for them to have landed, unbuckled, and walked over in that amount of time.

In the same episode, the gang has to rescue Zuri from inside the ball, mistakingly making people think it is midnight, however, it would have been impossible for her to have climbed up the entire building, and gotten inside the ball.

In the same special, you can see that the poem that Zuri wrote was in very large letters in crayons, so, it wouldn't have taken long to write it, but, when Jessie and Austin perform the song, it is over three minutes long. However, no one ever mentions tampering with the poem to turn it into a song. Since only one page was filled up with Zuri's handwriting, she would've had to have filled up both front and back in order for that song to be that long because of the size of her handwriting.

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