Brendan Jackson was only in the fourth grade in 1993. He had three older sisters, and two younger brothers. His house was huge. He and his family decided to go to the Luby's Kitchen in Killeen, Texas, where they lived. Brendan wasn't much of a big eater, so he just ordered a small meal. His brother, however, was different story. At only six years old, he ate like there was no tomorrow. When he sat next to Brendan, the wall suddenly caved in. A truck drove through the wall. He hard a guy shout something, and then the gunshots went off. He saw people fall down and die. His mother was the 10th person to be hit. His older sister, Emily, scrambled down to her side. Brendan was shocked, and couldn't get up. He saw his mother pass out. There was nothing he could do besides sit and watch. He looked around, and people were laying everywhere. Later that evening, at the hospital, Brendan sat in the waiting room. His sisters were all crying, but he, and his two little brothers weren't. His father had disappeared. Maybe he had gone in with her. Brendan had never experienced somethng like this ever, and may never again. 

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