Brett Thompson was a senior at Columbine HIgh School on April 20, 1999. He was in History when the shooting started. Since, Brett has keen hearing, he thought he heard gunshots go off, but wasn't quite sure. Minutes later, a teacher rushed in, with a terrified look on her face, and said that two boys from the school were armed and shooting people. Brett, knowing what was going on, rushed out, but saw the boys, and ducked into the library. He warned the people inside what was going on, but he said he didn't know who the two boys were that were shooting. Just then, the  two boys rushed in, and Brett ducked underneath the nearest table in 1 second flat. The boys heard him, and ran over, and shot him twice in the chest. He started to pass out, but was woken up by more gunshots. The boy underneath the table across from him threw him some tissues, some that were quite large. He whispered, "Thanks", to the boy. He was able to stop his bleeding, but he was very weak from losing so much blood. The boy then snuck across the aisle as the boys started to leave, and helped Brett stop the bleeding, since it was hard for him to do it by himself. The boys' name was Jason Scott, and he said that they should be friends. Brett then tried to evacuate the library, but then heard an explosion, from a pipe bomb. He recognized the sound, since he was nearly injured as a child when he messed with one in his dad's office, since his dad is in the military. Hours later, Brett received news that the boys were dead, and so were many other students and one teacher. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was greeted by his parents and his paternal grandparents. After leaving, Brett transfered to another school to continue his senior year. He and Jason remained close friends, and both had families. Jason had three kids, two boys and a girl, whereas Brett only had two girls. Brett had two sisters and one brother, whom was arrested for selling drugs to minors, and then was killed in a car accident. He was supposedly under the influence of alcohol. Brett became a police officer, and before retiring, taught cadets. 

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