The ISCR is an offline league run by Canadian NR2003 offline league host NR Leagues, also known as Chris Kyle. As the series' name suggests, this season saw many rookies make their debuts, and a rookie even took home the championship trophy at the end of the season. 

Track Winner(s)
Daytona Reese Jackson
Ontario David Mongold
Coca-Cola DJ Kurtis
Dental Park Noodles Noodley
Talladega Michelle Riley 
Diamond Ridge Hayden Cheung
Bumpdraftin' Connor Breton
Equestria Blaine Keyes
Progressive Marnie Keyes
Pensacola Reese Jackson
Daytona Connor Breton
M&M's Reese Jackson
Talladega Chris Kyle
Meadowlands Corey O'Malley

Final Points Standings: 

  1. Reese Jackson
  2. Blaine Keyes
  3. Payton Keyes
  4. Hayden Cheung
  5. Henry Powers
  6. Derrick Johnson
  7. Darrell Johnson
  8. Patrick Mieu
  9. Noodles Noodley
  10. DJ Kurtis

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