The ISCR Realtree Convertible Series is a series that runs modified convertibles and is believed to be the modern-day rendition of the NASCAR Convertible Series. It is run by the ISCR, a racing series identical to NASCAR, but with a larger variety of series. The series ran a 68-race first season and completely dwarfed the previous record for most races in a single season which was originally held by the M&M's Cup Series (Parody of the Sprint Cup series in NASCAR) at 40 races. Also, two drivers won a season-high 5 races, also a record. Here is the first season and the results:

Track Winner
Daytona 1970 Rob Robinson
Darlington Trey Phelps
North Wilkesboro Zachary Fitzwater
Springfield Will Burns
Lanier DJ Kurtis
Fontana  Ash Kurtis
Charlotte Timothy Needham
Ontario DJ Kurtis
Phoenix Ashley Mongold
Talladega Rob Robinson
Toronto Seth Brown
Pocono Colin Bartell
Augusta DJ Kurtis
Daytona 1970 Britt Mongold
Memphis Brandon Nichols
Atlanta Britt Mongold
Bristol Zachary Fitzwater
Montgomery Will Burns
Dental Park Colin Bartell
Texas World Chris Kyle
Mosport Colin Bartell
Nashville Fairgrounds Jayce Fassler
Nashville Rob Robinson
Hillside Riley Houston
Eldora Riley Houston
Las Vegas Austin LaPlante
Watkins Glen Austin Mongold
Road America Britt Mongold
Mid-Ohio Robby Noser, Sr.
North Wilkesboro Nate Shipmunk
Talladega Colin Bartell
Springfield Ramian Fisher
Fontana Joseph Kurtis
Boston Jayce Fassler
Michigan Brandon Nichols
Darlington Hayden Cheung
Myrtle Beach Oreius Centaur
IRP Brian Minister
Indianapolis DJ Kurtis
Mansfield Colin Bartell
Gateway Nick Pericles
Texas Hayden Cheung
Daytona 1970 Ramian Fisher
Milwaukee Nick Pericles
Medowlands Ash Kurtis
Bumpdraftin' SS Zachary Fitzwater
Riverside 1970 Ashley Mongold
Kansas Jon Mongold
Loudon Sam McMillan
Richmond Jacob Robinson
Pocono Jon Mongold
Phoenix Road Jon Mongold
Phoenix Noodles Noodley
Daytona 1970 1 Jacob Robinson
Daytona 1970 2 Robby Noser, Sr.
M&M's Chris Kyle
Rockingham Patrick Mieu
Charlotte Jacob Robinson
Chicago Jon Mongold
Talladega Sam McMillan
Michigan Sam McMillan
Five Flags DJ Kurtis
Hillside Hayden Cheung
Homestead Nick Pericles
Papyrus Ash Kurtis
Iowa Sam McMillan
Dover Seth Brown
Old Atlanta Rob Robinson

Final Points Standings:

  1. Ramian Fisher
  2. Seth Brown
  3. Jacob Robinson
  4. Joseph Kurtis
  5. Ash Kurtis
  6. Noodles Noodley
  7. Rob Robinson
  8. DJ Kurtis
  9. Patrick Mieu
  10. Colin Bartell

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