The ISCR Mountain Dew Pro Classic Series is a throwback series to the early days of NASCAR. It features cars from the 1960s and 1970s. The series had many schedule changes. First it was going to be 47 races, then it was shortened to 20, then the final race was the 14th race. Here are the first season results:

Track Winner(s)
Daytona Oreius Centaur
Riverside Luigi Victorino
Springfield Austin LaPlante
Darlington Noodles Noodley
Atlanta Dan Bandon
Rockingham Joseph Kurtis
Talladega Patrick Mieu
Eldora Alex Guerra
Phoenix Dylan Theroux
Montgomery Jay Smith
Talladega Dirt Kevin Bandon
Daytona Oreius Centaur
Concord Jay Smith
Homestead Kevin Bandon

Final Points Standings:

  1. Jay Smith
  2. Patrick Mieu
  3. Dan Bandon
  4. Dylan Theroux
  5. Ash Kurtis
  6. Joseph Kurtis
  7. Kevin Bandon
  8. Austin LaPlante
  9. DJ Kurtis
  10. Justin Nichols

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