The ISCR (was run as NLSCAR when S5 of the Cup Series was ran) M&M's Cup Series is the number 1 league in the ISCR. Season 6 is now up on Disasterpedia Wiki. Here ae the races and winners of those races in season 5:

Track Winner(s)
Daytona Joseph Kurtis
Phoenix Nick Mucciola
Las Vegas Brad Johnson
Coke Zero Ramian Fisher
Bristol Connor Smith
Eight Bowl Noodles Noodley
Fontana Joseph Kurtis
Sebring Amy Shelly
Texas Seth Brown
Darlington Bob Meijer
Richmond George Roke
Talladega Sam Kurtis
Kansas Amy Shelly
Charlotte Sam Crawford
Tennessee Patrick Mieu
Motor City Timothy Needham
Dover Mary Shelly
Old Talladega Nick Mucciola
Pocono Kris Wascher
Michigan Nick Mucciola
M&M's Patrick Coburn
Kentucky Henry Nova
Daytona Ash Kurtis
Meadowlands James Shelly
Loudon Dean Wickard
Indianapolis Christopher Kao
Texas World Amy Shelly
Pocono Mark Cavagnaro
Watkins Glen Colin Bartell
Michigan Jason Trost
Diamond Ridge Tim Grenwich
Chicago Colin Bartell
Fontana DJ Kurtis
Kansas DJ Kurtis
Hillside Ashley LaPlante
Talladega Alan Cavagnaro
Martinsville Christopher Kao
Atlanta Sam Kurtis
Phoenix Ash Kurtis
Homestead Tim Grenwich

Final Points Standings:

  1. Mary Shelly
  2. Kris Wascher
  3. Sam Kurtis
  4. Ash Kurtis
  5. George Roke
  6. Timothy Needham
  7. Nick Mucciola
  8. Amy Shelly
  9. Ramian Fisher
  10. Patrick Coburn

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