The ISCR K&N Dash Series is a series run by the ISCR and hosted by Chris Kyle, a champion in many of the league's series. The K&N Dash Series is a series similar to the K&N Pro Series run by NASCAR, but different. Here are the season 1 results and winners;

Track Winner(s)
Daytona Noodles Noodley
Nashville Robby Noser, Jr.
Boston George Roke
Hillside Brandon Nichols
Daytona Tristan Parker
Rockingham Tim Grenwich
Fontana George Roke
Sonoma PJ Williams

Final Points Standings:

  1. George Roke
  2. Noodles Noodley
  3. Tim Grenwich
  4. Brandon Nichols
  5. Momo Ikari
  6. Robby Noser, Jr.
  7. Kris Wascher
  8. Austin LaPlante
  9. Ashley LaPlante
  10. Chris Sin

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