House Fire will be a film in 2016. It will star Brandon Nichols, Justin Nichols, Jared Stermer, and Tristan Parker. One of the cast members will make their feature film debut. That would be a former classmate of Brandon Nichols' Maran Davis. It will be the only film that will have Brandon Nichols star in and not be based off a novel. Brandon will have acted in all but at least one of the Giant Animals series. The film will be about a fire that occurs at a huge celebration party. It would kill 313 people. It will have a cast of hundreds. It will mark the debut of the Camaro Book Reader. It only reads books and prints them out. It will also mark the feature film debut of Dakota Brooks. Here is a short of the plot: Then the stove turned to high capacity, then exploded. It killed Brandon's aunt immediately. Taylor rushed the packed in house outside but it took 30 minutes and it killed 47 people inside the building. A nearby house is hit by debris and collapses. It killed everybody inside it. Pamela is severely injured when she is pelted in the arm by a brick and stick. Brandon calls 911, but the signal is cut. Nearly 80 people have already died. A small plane crashes into the house killing Brandon's friend Aleksander. His freind Jessie also dies on impact. Almost 20 people are killed in the explosion alone. The post office burns down killing everybody inside it. 30 people die in the fire. The mailtruck explodes killing a family of 4 and the driver. Brandon's house isn't on the foundation anymore. It has completely burned down the entire neighorhood, killing 128 people. It spread to the next street down the road and immediately kills 59 firefighters, 29 inhabitants, 35 police officers, and 71 paramedics. 24 more police officers die also. Another 60 people die in the fire. 10 buildings are completely destroyed. Even more await destruction. In all 358 people die in the fire, including Pamela. The film ends shortly after the remembrance of the victims of the fire. The film would star at least 421 people, 298 of them being celebrities from all over the U.S. 111 survive until the very end. 310 of the cast members die in the fire. All though several secret deaths are added.

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