A man was told by his best friend that the helitours are very cool down near the docks. He decided to pay a visit the next day, but, while walking there, he saw a loaded Glock pistol, and stole it, not knowing if someone had abandoned it, or left it there until they returned. He bought another gun magazine, and headed toward the helitours. When he arrived, he paid the $100 that it cost to ride one. He then got on the helicopter, but, another man then hopped in, and was also going to take a tour around the city. Just five minutes into the tour, the man took out his gun and showed it around. The passenger told him to put it away, but, he refused, and told them all about the shootings in the city the past few years, and what guns the gunman or gunwoman used. When the helicopter started to land, he got out his gun once again, and after exiting, he suddenly turned around and started shooting through the windows of the helicopter. He killed the pilot and injured the fellow passenger, who had not gotten outside yet. He then saw a small group of people, and started shooting at them. He shot eight and killed three and injured the rest. He then saw security guards helping the wounded, and he took off toward the river, where he shot himself before jumping in in the neck and drowned himself in the river. 


  • David Monroe, age 54
  • Jackson Hill, age 23
  • Wesley Brown, Jr., age 34
  • Lucas Prowel, age 45
  • Dave Manson, age 31 (Gunman)


  • Ava Wesley, age 26 (Shot once in the head)
  • Maxwell Davis, age 37 (Shot twice in the arm)
  • Earl Paul, age 23 (Shot once in the chest)
  • Hunter Edwards, age 54 (Shot once in the leg)
  • Tyler Manson, age 27 (Shot once in the thigh)
  • Ryan Mansfield, age 45 (Shot once in the stomach)

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