The FMB Cup Series is a NR2003 league run by the YouTuber TotallyHDGaming2 (uploads on his second channel). The series hosted 15 races in its first season, which was marred with tragedy. Jeffery McClintock, Sr. was killed in an accident at Mallory. His son, Jeffery McClintock, Jr., won the race. Steve Rada was also killed in a massive and hard crash at Atlanta, which took out more than half the field in a huge spotter miscommunication which led to drivers slamming into each other at over 150 mph, as if they didn't notice the wreck at all. The wreck also saw the ten car barrell roll down the frontstrech. Here is every race and their winners:

Daytona: Bobby Campbell

Watkins Glen: Alex Gordon

Chicago: Robert Quiroga

Mallory: Jeffery McClintock, Jr.

Kentucky: Timmy Pachioli

Texas: Eddie Roberts

Michigan: Eddie Roberts

Atlanta: Brian Mercurio

Limerock: Eddie Roberts

Mosport: Robert Quiroga

Indianapolis: Joseph Lombard

Talladega: Timmy Pachioli

Charlotte: Jeremy Davis

Homestead: Eddie Roberts

Champion: Eddie Roberts

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