A UHC event occured on January 14, 2014, and consisted of five teams of three. It was a fight to the death between all teams. A special guest: TheCampingRusher participated in the event, however he will not upload his perspective. 


Scout523 (The Rockets)

Tristan_Parker (The Rockets)

B112 (The Rockets)

Juhave_west (The 3 Musketeers)

iPython (The 3 Musketeers)

XxHunter622xX (The 3 Musketeers)

123Jason (Camping Bears)

TheCampingRusher (Camping Bears)

jaybird_12227 (Camping Bears)

Firebirdonfire (Demi-Gods)

carsssy1 (Demi-Gods)

giant_attack (Demi-Gods)

charmeleon_ws (Liquid Nitrogen)

dsahnc_009 (Liquid Nitrogen)

Golden_Bird (Liquid Nitrogen)


123Jason (Spider, Episode 2)

Golden_Bird (The CampingRusher, Episode 4)

dsahnc_009 (TheCampingRusher, Episode 4)

giant_attack (Creeper, Episode 4)

B112 (Fall damage, Episode 5)

XxHunter622xX (Scout523, Episode 7)

charmeleon_ws (Enderman, Episode 7)

jaybird_12227 (Lava/Tristan_Parker, Episode 8)

TheCampingRusher (Scout523, Episode 8)

Firebirdonfire (Zombie Pigman, Episode 10)

carsssy1 (iPython, Episode 11)

iPython (Tristan_Parker, Episode 11)

Juhave_west (Tristan_Parker, Episode 11)

Team The Rockets finishes victorious, w/ 5 kills total. Next UHC will be a race to kill the Ender dragon, and special YouTuber guests TheCampingRusher and xBayani have been confirmed. 

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