Sorry that this page got delayed. The server was busy with making changes to the subreddit, and we completely got sidetracked.'s the results for DisasterCraft UHC Season 3. 


Stryker227 (Cave Spider, Episode 2)

Newcarzsa123 (123Jason, Episode 3)

lapisminerredstone (Scout523, Episode 3)

iPython (Scout523, Episode 3)

freebie4 (giant_attack, Episode 4)

dsahnc_009 (Golden_Bird, Episode 4)

Golden_Bird (dsahnc_009, Episode 4)

charmeleon_ws (Blaze, Episode 5)

XxHunter662xX (Skeleton, Episode 6)

mutantmax552 (jaybird_12227, Episode 6)

hjaz789 (Creeper, Episode 7)

HYTcarson (jaybird_12227, Episode 7)

Blazingarrowz (Scout523, Episode 8)

Juhave_west (jaybird_12227, Episode 8)

jaybird_12227 (Scout523, Episode 8)

Tristan_Parker (Firebirdonfire, Episode 9)

B112 (Scout523, Episode 9)

Firebirdonfire (Scout523, Episode 9)

This was the first and last UHC to feature every whitelisted member of DisasterCraft. Firebirdonfire became extremely popular for being on only half a heart of health for seven episodes, and also getting a kill. He is shown to die a lot on the SMP server, even with natural health regeneration. Despite this, he willingly let Scout523 kill him in order for Scout523 to win UHC. He knew Scout523 would win due to him already having 5 kills. When Scout523 killed iPython and lapisminerredstone, the subreddit exploded when it happened, and is currently one of the best PvP moments on the server. Despite being still hospitalized, jaybird_12227 managed to get 3 kills. The montage was accidentally uploaded to lapisminerredstone's channel, and instantly shot up to 10,000 views within three hours, despite lapisminerredstone only having 8,763 subscribers. This marks Scout523's second UHC win, however his first was with a team. 

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