UHC season 2 for the DisasterCraft SMP server was recorded on January 17, 2014, before all of the season 1 episodes had even been uploaded by those who chose to upload their perspectives. Those who are choosing to upload season 2 will start uploading it three days after the final season 1 episode is uploaded. For those who did not upload their perspectives to YouTube will instead upload their perspectives to the UHC page on Season 3 is planned for January 23. 


Juhave_west (Fall damage, Episode 1)

B112 (Zombie, Episode 1)

giant_attack (Creeper, Episode 3)

freebie4 (TheCampingRusher, Episode 3)

TheCampingRusher (Firebirdonfire, Episode 3)

Firebirdonfire (Scout523, Episode 3)

Blazingarrowz (Lava, Episode 4)

Stryker227 (xBayani, Episode 5)

HYTcarson (xBayani, Episode 5)

mutantmax552 (xBayani, Episode 6)

Golden_Bird (Tristan_Parker, Episode 7)

123Jason (Spider, Episode 7)

charmeleon_ws (Starved, Episode 8)

xBayani (Scout523, Episode 9)

hjaz789 (Tristan_Parker, Episode 10)

lapisminerredstone (Scout523, Episode 10)

Scout523 (Tristan_Parker, Episode 10)

A montage is currently in the works and will be uploaded to iPython's channel. A custom UHC plug-in different from that of Season 1 was used and was made by lapisminerredstone for his knowledge with Java. It featured different time-markers and occasional pop-ups. The health system was also different. Instead of percent, health was shown in hearts. 

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